Benefits of boardgames in children:

They develop logical-mathematical skills, reading-writing, gesture, and even fine motor skills.

Stimulation and brain Motivation to compete with the rest of players and the challenge of dominating the game with short and long term strategies.

It develops creativity, imagination and spontaneity.

It helps the relationship with other children, developing their affective capacities and strengthening the confidence in oneself and showing others act.

Relieve boredom of other activities that are more tedious.




Benefits of boardgames in adults:

In addition to all the benefits previously shared with children, we can add some more

Boardgames have a socializing element that unfortunately, computer games have made us lose little by little. Meeting with friends, with family, around a table while playing.

At all ages it is played for pure pleasure and enjoyment and creates a cordial attitude towards life and learning.

Anti-stress: It helps us to avoid the hustle and bustle of the everyday world.