Artist : Eduardo Crespo

           Ilustrator : Gonzo Bríos

            Year: April 2018 

            Playing time: 40 – 80 min

            Number of players: 3 to 8

             Complexity: 3 over 10



bgg_cornerlogo       . 1.500 m


1500 m is a game that simulates a track& field race of the well-knonw distance. The goal is to cross the finish line in first position, after completing 3 laps and 3/4 to an athletic field divided in slots.

tablero rotacion 20

Each runner has 100 menthal strenght points to manage through the race. He has 2 kinds of cards:

  1. Movement cards. They represent the number of movement points your runner has when he moves. Value from 8 to 11.

cartas movimiento
   2. Extra action bid card. They represent the number of menthal strength points a runner is gonna bid in order to get an advantage action, Value from 1 to 8.

carta puja accion extra

Each round is divided in 3 phases where different runners choose how much they advance:

1) CARDS PHASE. Each runner secretly chooses a movement card and a bid card (menthal strength points) to get an advantage action:

  •  Extra movement points
  •  Gain pace levels for free
  •  Recover menthal strenght points
  •  Move first with no movement restrictions

A simultaneous and secret bid is made, choosing actions from higher to lower bid. Lowest bid gets no action.

Track acciones y ritmo 20 rotacion

2)  PACE PHASE. Pace is the number of movement points a runner has and it`s associated to a number of menthal strenght points cost. Each runner can keep, decrease or increase his level, spending points associated. Runners start with a 5 pace level.

3) EXTRA MENTAL STRENGHT POINTS COST PHASE. You´ll have additional menthal strenght points spendings through the race. When wear happens, and according to positions all over the race (being first positioned pulling the group) or because of the pressure to obtain medals in last lap.

Game also has an easy dummy runner rules to complete the number of players wanted.

It includes 800 m  rules too for a shorter race.


¿Do you want to know more? Have a look at rules or videos in EXTRAS section …

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