Seconds…OUT !


Designer: Eduardo Crespo

Year: Coming soon

Playing time: 60 minutos

Number of players: 2

Complexity: 4 over 10



Seconds…OUT ! is a card game for 2 persons that simulates a boxing fight.

Each player has:

  1. An ATTACKING deck with 36 cards with values form 1 to 5. There are 2 types: punch and feint + punch.
  2. A DEFENDING deck with 36 cards with values from 1 to 5. There are 2 types of cards: block and dodge.
  3. THE RING. Where each boxer keeps control of :

      …….. ENDURANCE all over the fight. Each boxer has 100 endurance points.
…………..  DAMAGE taken in each round. From 0 to 10 points




The game consists of 12 rounds as in a boxing match. Each player will have a number of attacking and defense cards in each round that can play following a few simple rules. This will affect the ENDURANCE and DAMAGE of both boxers.
If you play smart, you’ll see it only doesn`t depend on the cards value, but also the way you raise your strategy in each round.

The goal is to beat your opponent. You can get it by K.O. (falling down your opponent and if he doesn´t stand up in protection count) or by judges scoring (going to the scorecards).

¿Do you want to know a little more? Have a look at our EXTRAS section to a summary of rules…