Logo BaIn this section will be appearing ideas that BAT found interesting and want to try.

They have potential, but to become approved rules they must be tested for a while.





Now zones divided by three pointers line have a new rule. These areas are considered subdivided into two areas: the 2 points and 3 points area. When a player ends his movement in these areas, you must indicate where he is placed, it in the part you want. You can place up to one player of each team in both zones, so that the total is four players (2 per team as normal).

Being in the area of ​​three pointer will allow you to shot a three pointer and move diagonally your first point of movement as indicated by the arrow, ignoring the rule of diagonal movement.

Being in the zone of 2 points will allow you to move diagonally your first point of movement, or to enter into the paint indicated by arrow, ignoring the rule of diagonal movement.

zona-de-2-y-3-puntos .

In the image are the limit of players per zone (2 per team).

In the area of ​​three pointer there are red nº 8 and white nº 9. Red can shot a three pointer. Both players can move in the direction of the arrow.

In the area of 2 points there are red nº 13 and white nº 10. Both players can move in the direction of the arrow and thus enter in the paint in case of a rebound.






When you really begin to master the game, try this little variant:
Put more pressure on every possession. The way to do this is reducing the number of activations the attacking team has to score. Test first with 9, then 8 … until a maximum of 6.



To get more dinamyc play, now only players who will enter the paint for grabbing the rebound will be able to make this movement. The rest of players won´t.





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