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Designer: Eduardo Crespo

Artist: Gonzo Brios

Year: 2016

Playing time: 80 minutes

Number of players: 2

Complexity: 5 over 10

bgg_cornerlogoBASKETBALL age



BASKETBALL age is a basketball simulator for 2 persons that recreates an exciting basketball match.

You´re one of the two team coaches facing off. You have to choose your “starting lineup” on the court to win the match. It depends on your strategy to lead your team to victory.

As in a normal match, your players will move around a basketball court, divided in zones where the players move, performing their actions.




Each player has his own skills (play skill, movement points, passing, scoring % and height). Players skills are different acording to their position.




Court players are activated and perform their actions one by one and in alternating way (attacker-defender and so on) until the end of possesion or turn over. Attacking team has a turn to score. It consists of 10 attacking player´s activation) or the buzzer will sound. You can activate the same player in a row as many times as you want .

Following a simple rules and rolling dice (six sided and ten sided dice) you´ll be able to perform all kind of basketball moves.




Introducing .. BASKETBALL age video


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